People Are Furious At This Blonde College Cheerleader Who Kills Safari Animals

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07.01.14 142 Comments


Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old cheerleader who attends Texas Tech University. Like most blonde cheerleaders, she’s very popular online; UNLIKE most blonde cheerleaders, though, her notoriety comes from the fact that she hunts big game in Africa, and proudly posts photos of her kills on Facebook, Kendall Takes Wild. And oh boy, has this upset people. Here’s a recent comment.

I think we should dress you and your crew up like the animals you’ve killed and will use are guns to hunt y’all. Your nothing but a dumb teen who wants to be on TV, well great start to your already failing career and life choice. People like you have no right to walk this earth you’ll never be able to say anything to justify your actions. (Via)

Why does Kendall, who’s been hunting nearly her entire life, update the page?

Jones, whose Facebook indicates she “is looking to host a TV show in January 2015,” maintains she is doing what’s best for the preserves, where there isn’t always space for even threatened species like elephants or lions. (Via)

Naturally, there’s a petition, because that’s what people online do when they’re outraged by something. But considering she once killed a white rhino, of which there are only about 20,000 still around, maybe this is the rare petition with a point. Warning: the images below are not fun to look at if you like The Lion King.

cheerleader 5


cheerleader 4


cheerleader 3


cheerleader 2


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