Person From Texas Shockingly Hates New York City

03.08.12 7 Comments

Well, it looks like I found your new favorite YouTube travel vlog: “A Texan Abroad.” You’re welcome.

Yes, watch as Karen, our plucky “little Texan abroad,” casts aspersions on one of the world’s great cities based solely on her experiences in Times Square, which is sort of like judging all of Texas based on spending a few minutes inside the taxidermy and guns-filled parlor of Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” ranch, but whatever.

“I’m afraid to talk out loud, it’s kind of crappy here. I feel like an ant in an ant hill. They have a bunch of TVs all over the place, I could be sitting at home in my living room watching TV…It’s just a bunch of crap.”

In the second video, also below, Karen delves even deeper

“I kind of feel like everyone’s an alien, and we all just kind of landed here and no one knows what to do, and so you just scurry back and forth with your bags and two-wheelers and carts, and every once in a while they stop and eat a hot dog….And the pigeons, I think the pigeons are actually from here, because they seem to have some purpose and know what they’re doing.”

Yeah, New York City sucks. Not enough Olive Gardens.

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

(HT: Gothamist)

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