Peyton Manning’s Ninth Career Playoffs One-And-Done Makes The Weekend

01.11.15 3 years ago 121 Comments



For the second time in his three years as the Broncos starting quarterback and the ninth time in his career, Peyton Manning went one and done in the playoffs. In some of those years, the blame laid on Peyton might have been a little excessive, but today he was bad enough that even people who like Pey-Pey are openly hoping he’s going to retire because he’s got nothing left.

Turns out CBS’ awful pregame rap was lying and Peyton is not Benjamin Buttoning into a young quarterback. That’s the last time I believe terrible filler segments on football broadcasts.



The Denver defense certainly doesn’t escape blame. Aqib Talib had a poor first half and the Denver pass rush didn’t get so much as one quarterback hit all game. Andrew Luck still managed to turn the ball over twice. The Colts in general will have to play much better next week if they hope to have a chance in New England, where they were already blown out once this season.

When C.J. Anderson somehow broke a bunch of tackles in the backfield and converted a fourth down late in the third quarter, it seemed like a turning point moment that normally would springboard a Peyton team to a frustrating win on a late rally. But the most Denver would come away with was a field goal and that would be the end of their scoring for the game.



The real star of the game, of course, was Chuck Pagano’s unsettling cigar-gnawing dad. Glad the nation will get at least one more week of him gumming stoagies on the sideline.

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