Move Over Kate Upton, It's Pickles The Etsy Hat Model

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02.22.12 4 Comments

In a perfect world, I’d be a college professor, helping thousands of students revolutionize the way we look at the modern business world by creating incredible new ideas to propel small companies and entrepreneurial enterprises to the forefront of a new economic era. The most incredible idea? Making clothes for pugs. Because a pug dressed like a human or another animal would pretty much convince me to buy anything.
Thank goodness for ingenuity and the Internet, because Etsy seller Sweethooks is already light years ahead of me with her collection of hats that she has hand sewn for dogs. But these aren’t just any hats, as she has made it possible for people to make their dogs look like frogs (above), chickens, bears, and even Yoda. And to drive her sales pitch home, Sweethooks is assisted by her one and only model – Pickles the Pug.
Screw a hat, because you’re going to need a helmet to stop your head from exploding over Pickles’ awesomeness. New York Fashion Week, line one.

(Adorable Care Bears hat tip to Buzzfeed.)

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