So About This UGK And Drake Track…

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The first time I listen to anything from Pimp Chad’s The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones will be when the entire album is made available. So I had to turn to outside opinions for feedback on the Boi-1da constructed “What Up” – the Pimp’s postumous collab with his partner in rhyme Bun B and self-proclaimed UGK alumni, Drake. Got all the back info squared away? Good. Here we go.

Noz (Cocaine Blunts) – “Who let this ol’ d!ck in the booty lipgloss wearing canuck on Pimp C’s album?”

Haze (DGB) – “For (most) long time UGK fans, this is a damn shame. There’s no way you can convince me that if the Pimp was still with us that he would have Aubrey on his lead single with production from Boi-1da. But as the homie Percy Mack points out, at least Bun didn’t waste an unheard verse from Pimp on this weak track. So I can go ahead & just delete this and pretend it never happened. Or if the acapella version gets released, I can put Pimp & Bun’s verse over some DJ Burn One instrumental and actually enjoy listening to it.”

Sidenote: I’m all for some UGK over Burn One production, by the way.

YN (Rap Radar) – “After reaching his 50K follower Bun B let this one go. Producer Boi-1da and Drizzy take a ride down to H-Town for the first single off the late great Pimp C’s final album. This goes down smooth. The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones is due Oct. 5. Trill niggas can’t wait.”

Keep It Trill – “For those wondering, this verse was previously on a prematurely leaked track of Pimp C featuring T-Pain. I’d personally have to say this sounds more like a Drake track and NOT a Pimp C track, but maybe I’m trippin’.”

Is the song really that bad or is it animosity towards Drake? Or is it a combination of the two? Eventually I’ll find out. Either way, I’m not at liberty to say what Pimp would have done had he been alive or if this will “ruin his legacy,” but I do know people are very particular when it comes to UGK and their sound. The more pressing question at the moment, or at least I would think so, is how we can get Freddie Gibbs on this project. If there’s any collaboration that needs to go down, that’s the one.

Pimp C Feat. Bun B & Drake – “What Up” | Download

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