Please Enjoy Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen In A Delightful Version Of ‘The Newlywed Game’

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04.20.14 6 Comments
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Knowing their delightful friendship up to this point, how do you think Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen would fare in a version of The Newlywed Game?  This clip features just that and the result is another hilarious slice of friendship.

The clip dates back a month or so, but is making the Internet rounds now for some reason (I blame families and Easter). I would say that puts it somewhere before their excellent New York adventure and after their Super Bowl celebration, making their entire stay one of the most complete you could find.

Come to town, star in a set of plays, experience the tourist traps and become Internet darlings. It’s a pretty impressive checklist. You’ll find the Newlywed clip below, followed by another where they do impressions of each other. Enjoy while you’re taking a break from your family or you Swanson’s TV dinner.

(Via Buzzfeed Brews/Jezebel)

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