A Pornhub Survey Has Determined The 18 Hottest Jewish Female Celebrities

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09.25.13 15 Comments

Who do porn stars love most

Earlier this month, the people at Peeperz.com (very NSFW) hosted several very important surveys (seriously, NSFW) on behalf of Pornhub and all of the sites in the Pornhub network in order to determine, among other things, which lucky female celebrity would earn the title of the “Hottest Jewish Celebrity Babe.” Listed for the voters were the names of 18 popular Jewish actresses, including Natalie Portman, Zoey Kravitz, Rashida Jones, Gina Gershon and Emmy Rossum, and 3,898 people responded to overwhelmingly declare their support for one Hebrew hotty. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that.

And the winner may absolutely blow your mind, because I just could not believe that this specific actress would be declared the sexiest above any of her peers…

Just kidding, it’s Scarlett Johansson.

SCarJo is the favorite of porn fans

She and Mila Kunis ran away with the bulk of the votes, and it was incredibly surprising to see supermodel Bar Refaeli in third place with almost 600 votes between her and second, because I would very much like to introduce her to my mother.

Hottest Jewish Babe

Better luck next year, Esti Ginzberg.

The other big winners were Sarah Silverman for the Sexiest Woman in Comedy (beating out Tina Fey, Aubrey Plaza, Whitney Cummings, Amy Schumer and others) and Giada De Laurentiis, who won the Pornhub viewers’ honor of the Hottest Female Celebrity Chef. Rachel Ray finished second in that poll with 986 votes, while Padma Lakshmi finished in third… with 393 votes. Pornhub fans, you are some weird people.

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