PoV: Screaming “Y.O.L.O.” Can Lead To Detention

04.10.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

So we’re clear, this marks the third year in a row Drake’s offered the masses new vernacular which has become part of everyday pop culture. 2010 had “You fancy, huh?” 2011 had everyone screaming “I’m on one.” 2012, whether admitted or not, is the year of “Y.O.L.O.” And leave it to Tumblr to unearth the world’s greatest detention slip proving such.

Maybe it’s just me, but picturing young Collin chucking the ham and cheese sandwich mom dukes so delicately crafted the night before in disgust yelling “Y.O.L.O.” at the top of his lungs is beyond hilarious – especially if it hit another student. I know that’s probably ignorant to say, but screw it – Y.O.P.O (you only post once). Everything about this picture is great all the way down to the teacher’s grammatical error.

H/T: K.

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