PoV: Soulja Boy’s Weed Swag Snacks Vending Machine

03.27.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Last night, while watching King James and the Heat fall further into their usual midseason, after the All-Star Game slump, someone retweeted this interesting picture from Soulja Boy’s Instagram page. Apparently, buddy has a vending machine full of weed. The photo reminds me of a conversation Maurice Garland and I had probably about a year and a half ago. Hell, he probably doesn’t even remember it. Basically, it was the two of us attempting to understand why people, not just rappers, feel the need to take pictures of their weed and post it online. You know, especially since he’s already been busted with Mary before.

Just get high with your people in the comfort of your own home and don’t draw any attention to yourself. But that’d be too easy, I know.

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