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10.24.12 5 years ago 24 Comments

Packers receivers Greg Jennings and James Jones are engaged in a prank war, with Jennings landing the latest salvo. This gives me a big Dougie smile:

The Packers’ wide receiver, who’s still out with a groin injury, pulled a fast one on teammate James Jones on Monday when he had a local automotive service remove the tires from Jones’ Chevy Avalanche and place it on blocks during a prank for the birthday of Jones’ son, J.J.

The truck was filled with silly string and had puffy paint covering his windows. The front window was completely whited out with the words “Go Pack Go,” written on it while the co-passenger’s seat read: “Happy birthday Lil J.J.”

According to Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson, it’s been an ongoing prank between the two receivers, including last month when Jones was in on filling Jennings’ car with packing peanuts for his 29th birthday.

What’s that? Staid local paper neglects to mention that Jones also drew a bunch of penises all over Jennings’ SUV? Way to underserve your readers. Anyway, Jennings has a bit of time on his hands being injured, so Jones may want to wait awhile before the next retaliation.

— A Fat Hump films himself gorging on a bucket of fried chicken and a 40. Don’t need a Colts hat to tell you what team he roots for, but he wants to take away any lingering suspense.

— Court documents from Deion Sanders’ divorce reveal that he paid his ex-wife a $100,000 signing bonus when she agreed to a pre-nup. The only way that story could be better is if he got Dan Snyder to pay it for him.

— Donald Trump was in the Patriots locker room after the game on Sunday. Because they deserve each other. Richard Branson was already a guest of Bob Kraft at a Pats game earlier this year, so apparently the Greatriots have a celebrity billionaire guest of the week at home games.

— Proof that the NFL is a dog league: Jay Cutler is the second least popular player in the NFL among other players and Michael Vick is the third. Ndamukong Suh is the least liked player in the league, which I can’t connect with this joke with anything other than the fact that he plays for a cat team.

— Mark Sanchez has reportedly broken up with Eva Longoria. Fathers of 16-year-old girls are back on notice.

— Here’s Roger Goodell’s letter to Pete Rozell begging for a job after he graduated college in 1981. If it strikes you as odd that there’s no reference to The Rog’s dad being a senator, that’s because it was scrawled in all-caps on the envelope.

— RGIII misspoke comparing himself to other quarterbacks and dropped a “Tom Brees” in an interview yesterday. Whatevs, it was live TV. Much worse is this T-shirt.

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