The Internet Didn’t Feel All Warm And Fuzzy About The ‘Say Something Nice’ Question Of The Debate

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10.09.16 5 Comments

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Outside of the emergence of America’s shining light, Kenneth Bone, the second presidential debate was business as usual. Hillary Clinton remained on point talking about her policies, and Donald Trump monologued about the state of the country. But the two did have a few nice things to say about each other.

In a textbook example of full circle, the candidates began the debate slighting each other but ended it complimenting one another. The final question involved each candidate tipping their cap to the other by asking them to say something nice. This may have been the equivalent of a third-grade teacher telling their students to play nice, and it was a good effort, albeit an off-script one. So, Clinton praised the Trump children’s devotion to their father, and Trump called her a “fighter.”

However, the fine folks on the World Wide Web didn’t exactly feel the love. The jokes came fast and furious, and thankfully, someone had the classic Chrissy Teigen “awkward” face at the ready.

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