Question Of The Day: Where Does “Avengers” Rank With The Greatest Comic Book Movies Of All Time?

05.05.12 6 years ago 49 Comments

If you threw out the age-old question “what are you doing this weekend?” to a colleague on your way out of work yesterday, a likely response was “probably going to check out Avengers.” Of course, some of us already beat you to the punch by catching the midnight showing on Thursday night while others made their way to watch on Friday. If you’ve paid attention to your Twitter timeline and Facebook, then you’ve noticed that the movie has gotten almost unanimous positive reviews. Some have even proclaimed Avengers as the greatest comic book movie ever.

Which poses the question – how does Avengers rank among the greatest comic book-based flicks ever? Sound off and be prepared to get nerded to death.

PS. No spoilers! Have some decency, people.

PPS. Scar Jo. For. The. Mother. Loving. Win.

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