Rachael Leigh Cook Updates Her ‘Frying Pan’ PSA To Crack Open The War On Drugs

Life & Culture Editor
04.21.17 10 Comments


20 years ago, when she was 18, teen sensation Rachael Leigh Cook — of She’s All That and Nancy Drew* fame — made a PSA that was so earnest and ridiculous that people still mock it two decades later. In the 30-second spot, an edgy and disaffected Cook destroys an entire kitchen with a frying pan, angrily informing the viewer that the carnage she’s wreaking is a symbol for the way that drugs ruin your brain, your family, your career, and, ultimately, your life.

Along with Debbie, the woman who smoked through her stoma, Cook’s bringing ruin to helpless home furnishings quickly became one of the most iconic PSAs of the ’90s.

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