Ray Allen’s #DM Fail

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12.28.09 27 Comments


The L’s basketball players are taking doesn’t seem to be slowing down. No I am not talking about the collective L the Lakers took 2 days ago or Lamar Odom’s self-inflicted L. Instead I’m talking about Ray Allen’s #DM Fail. It appears that Jesus S’s twitter account was “compromised” which is PR for “he fucked up y’all!”

What was said that was so bad that the account had to be closed to coincide with the excuse of being hacked?


He was (sexing + twitting =) twexing. Now I don’t know about you but I was surprised as hell when I saw the story on Huffington Post. I always pegged Ray as being a cornball. Right up there with fellow ballplayers Reggie Miller & Tim Duncan. But Ray might still possibly be an L7 weenie for using “masturbate” when there were sooo many other colorful words that could’ve been used. Had Mr. Allen successfully sent that tweet to his jumpoff (because he’s married afterall), I’m sure her cooch would’ve dried up faster than a camel’s piss puddle.


But let’s give ol Sugar Ray the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his Twitter account was hacked. Maybe someone logged in using Echofon, an iPhone app, to further authenticate the embarrassing tweet. Just a coincidence that he tweeted minutes later using that same app. Yea that’s it, a coinkidink *wink wink*.

While Ray holds on to his lie excuse for dear life, I wonder why people insist on changing the game with these new forms of communication. Time and time again, it’s proven itself to be nothing but trouble.

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