“Sail On” – Review Of Curren$y’s This Ain’t No Mixtape

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2009 is an important year for the Hip-Hop music industry as labels are closely watching the success of XXL’s Freshman class to see what marketing techniques work. While most of the group is relying on an Internet blitz or major label help, New Orleans MC Curren$y decided to quietly drop a digital album through Amalgam. Ultilizing the momentum gained from a serious mixtape grind, the official album: This Ain’t No Mixtape is a stellar debut from Curren$y that marks his arrival as a force in the industry.

Those that know the Hot $pitta as nothing more than a Young Money member are in for a shock as Curren$y takes the listener on a non-stop display of lyrical skill. TANM is a tour through the young MC’s closet (Bo Jackson’s, Air Max’s), garage and weed stash.

Produced entirely by Monsta Beatz who displays an assorted bag of bangers and blunt background music alike, the inaugural tracks such as “The Briefing” and “ Get It Ya Self” boast a comfortable (and extremely lax) Curren$y treading in general fodder, which in turn, set the table for the fantastic “Scared of Monstas” and “Elevator Musik.” The former (especially the 2nd verse) gives the listener a glimpse of Curren$y’s mindstate as a Hurricane Katrina survivor while the latter rides as smooth as the three minute lift to the penthouse suite.

And therein lies the appeal to TANM — mellowed out, get high music. Soft horns and Curren$y’s relaxed flow permeate the album on joints like the Mickey Factz, Amanda Diva featured “Food 4 Thought” and more high octane stimulants like “The Jet-Sons” and “Cook Up (Free Lunch)” which displays a hungry Curren$y and Bun B trading bars like a high school cafeteria cypher.

But the blunt cruise through the streets of New Orleans aren’t always smooth rides. Despite Curren$y’s lyrical fire, TANM sounds, well, like a mixtape. He rarely delves deeper than the weed, shoes and girls into his life story. Also, the hooks are as basic and mostly unappealing. The basic bridge of “I turn on like the power button on the remote” from “Power Button” isn’t necessarily screaming out for a repeat listen. Neither is the uncreative ranting of “LOL-ing on these niggas” on the boisterous “LOL.”

Still Curren$y’s tales of blunts, stunts and Hip-Hop mark his arrival as a solo beast in the recording industry. Carefree and nonchalant like the rapper himself, it’s a cut and dry outlook on what makes the budding MC tick. No, this ain’t no mixtape, but it’s a damn good album.


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