Ranking The Most Punchable Faces On ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’

07.20.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

The internet began paying notice to new single-serving Tumblr Rich Kids of Instagram (exactly what it sounds like!) earlier this week and I figured I’d save our coverage for today because something about the coupling of brats and inexplicably popular photos services screams Friday to me.
Now, I’m not someone who gets worked up about people with money flaunting it on the internet. Don’t even care.  But what I do know is a punchable face when I see one. And man is this site chock full of them. Please take any and all gripes with the rankings to the comment section where valid concerns will be addressed.
If this site scores a book deal I hope Paulina Gretsky is in line for the royalties she’s entitled to.

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