Rick Ross Tops MTV’s “Hottest MCs” List

02.20.12 6 years ago 33 Comments

The NBA’s TV schedule today was fantastic from start to finish* and caused me to ignore any of the stirrings in rap until tonight, where I found Twitter ablaze regarding MTV’s “Hottest MCs” finale. In case you missed it, the former all music channel tapped Ricky Ross as the boss of this rap sh*t. Since Beware’s already echoed most of what I would say regarding lists like these, I’ll easily admit MTV did manage to pick “the hottest” rappers but “hottest” seems very subjective. The dime team below is made of popular artists whose names generate the most buzz, traffic and sales but, musically, they’ve all had their hands involved in quite a few duds and lukewarm albums in recent outings.

A list is no more than a list based around opinions so I’ve never understood the importance people place on them. Right now, my top 10 “hottest” only includes one of MTV’s and that’s not changing any time soon. My only bone to pick with MTV they didn’t do anyone a major service by grabbing these names, which was no more challenging than fishing in a barrel and ultimately the reason why the Internuts get thrown into a tizzy regarding lists like these. Hip-Hop’s never much been about what’s now but more interested in what’s next.

Anyways, the full top ten is below for your perusal and a video recap of the final two rounds where the assembled roundtable discusses how Ross won. I started watching it but stopped because I didn’t recognize any of the folks they gathered to make the decision. I’m sure they – and their thoughts – are important though.

1. Rick Ross
2. Drake
3. Kanye West
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Lil Wayne
6. Jay-Z
7. Meek Mill
8. Big Sean
9. Wiz Khalifa
10. Wale

*Today made me realize how much I miss that free NBA League Pass.

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