Robert Kirkman Talks Walking Dead Show

11.02.09 8 years ago

Newsarama talked to Robert Kirkman of Invincible and Walking Dead fame about AMC’s proposed (I’ll believe it when I’m watching it myself) TV show based on his zombie comic Walking Dead which boasts a pilot written and directed by Stephen King transmogriphier Frank Darabont.

I think “Watchmen” and the “Sin City” movie …those [films] are really entertaining…but I can read the comic. I don’t need to have the comic acted out in front of me by a bunch of actors. I like things like “Iron Man”, where they take the best parts about a lot of different comics and spin it into a new story, and it gets kind of the best parts of everything put together.

Luckily, I trust Frank Darabont to know what the best parts are and so, I’m hoping that’s what we’ll end up with “The Walking Dead.” I want him to pick and choose and do the best possible version of “The Walking Dead” as a TV show. While I’m 100% sure he’ll be doing a ‘Walking Dead’ show that will be faithful and everyone will enjoy, I hope he veers off in any direction that he sees fit as he comes up with good ideas, because he is a brilliant writer and director. It would be absurd for me to sit back here and want him to follow my comic book exactly.

I’m psyched to hear this news because I have a love/hate relationship with Walking Dead. See, I love zombies and I’ve grown to really enjoy the characters and scenarios Kirkman has created (I read every issue and have all the trades on my shelf), but I hate how Kirkman overwrites the dialogue scenes. Every character says pretty much everything they’re thinking and conveys every step they went through to get to any conclusion. It can be tedious, but maybe collaborating with the TV folks will make for a better, more concise product. Let’s label this one under “wait and see” because it’s still far too early to tell.

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