C’mon Now, Ron

04.22.12 6 years ago 58 Comments

Seems like it’s one step forward, two steps back for Metta World Peace bka Ron Artest. Ron’s latest transgression, a fierce elbow laying out James Harden, sent Ron off early and sidelined Harden for the rest of Sunday’s game between The Lakers and the Thunder. There’s been bad blood between OKC and L.A. all year but making a swipe that would make Bill Laimbeer proud isn’t the brightest way to get your point across.

Artest Elbow Gif

The hit left me dumbfounded. Ron’s been on relatively good behavior all year so it’s pretty damaging for this to happen on a nationally televised Sunday showcase. I know one thing’s for certain. Between Artest’s Tekken-worthy elbow, Delonte punking Gordon Hayward, Wade’s NBA Jam push and Blake getting destroyed by a bro named Robin in a week’s span, the NBA’s gaining an aggressive edge it hasn’t seen since the ’90s.

How big of a suspension will David Stern and his boys throw on Ron? Will his time out bleed into the playoffs? Artest isn’t a star by any means but L.A. could use any support they can get going into the postseason.

Update: Credit the Lakers for fighting their way out of a huge deficit in a thrilling double-OT win over the Thunder. Durant and Westbrook turned into the clanger twins down the stretch. Then LA clamped down and Kobe put on a show from the perimeter. OKC really missed Harden down the stretch as their starting line looked straight gassed by the end of regulation. Maybe Ron was on to something similar to Robert Horry back in ’07?

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