Russian Soldier Smiles As A Bullet Is Removed From His Forehead With A Pair Of Pliers

05.21.13 4 Comments

Contrary to popular belief, Russia is not all insane dash-cam footage and commercials featuring scuba diving dogs. It is a large, complex nation, and like all large, complex nations, it is capable of being many things at one time. For example, it is also a place where a soldier has a bullet removed from his forehead using only a pair of standard pliers, then turns and smiles for the camera that his buddies are using to film him getting a bullet removed from his forehead using only a pair of pliers.

To recap: Dude gets shot in the face. Bullet lodges between his eyes. Someone — possibly the dude himself — suggests removing said bullet using pliers instead of seeking medical attention. Everyone agrees on this course of action. Another dude says “Holdonholdholdon. Lemme record this.” The bullet is removed, again, using standard pliers that do not appear to have been sterilized in any way. Dude who previously had bullet lodged in face turns to camera and smiles.

Russia goes hard.

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