Ryshon Jones – “40 Pills” Video

05.09.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

The Basqui tape from Ryshon Jones wasn’t exactly happy go lucky. Instead of upbeat or radio-friendly tunes, the Philly poet prescribed listeners with a dosage of lyrical dreariness that left most hoping the visual MC would just make it to his next studio session alive. Well, the eerie new video for “40 Pills” might explain his haze.

Taking a page out of the cult classic Donnie Darko, the second visual from Ryshon’s acclaimed tape throws viewers into the same secluded tailspin that makes his music so eerie. Emulating the twisted binger of death that is his Lee Bannon-produced track, Jones uses hazy illusions of zoned-out females and haunting zombie bunnies named Frank to visualize what it might feel like to pop “40 pills in 24 hours,” as the chorus archaically repeats. The concept and delivery might seem overly creepy, but then again, so is the song.

However, just because it’s menacing, doesn’t mean it can’t be dope. After all, horror movies always seem to resonate well with crowds and this is about as chilling as it gets.

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