Sean Taylor Memorial Meast Of The Week – Random Offseason Edition

05.18.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

It’s not every week during the offseason that we dispense a Meast award. In fact, the last time we did it, it was for Judge Doty ruling that the NFL wasn’t allowed to use its emergency lockout war chest to outlast the players’ union during a prolonged lockout. Based on that precedent, it seems like the only sure-fire way to earn an offseason Meast is to put the screws to Roger Goodell through the courts.

So it’s only right we bestow the Meast on Jonathan Vilma for filing a defamation lawsuit against the Ginger Hammer for the public comments the Rog made about Vilma following the announcement of the linebacker’s one-year banhammering as punishment for his alleged involvement in the Saints bounty program. If you’d like to read the complaint in full, have at it. While it may not force the league to finally disclose all of its findings from the bounty investigation, it will hopefully make it so the league has to turn over enough of them to prove that The Rog’s comments were not defamatory and baseless. Which is nice, because we were happy enough with it being an open “f*ck you” gesture to the commissioner. BAHAHAHA EAT HOG, ROG! That it may actually do a measure of good is a nice bonus.

Your Least for this random juncture of the off-season is Ed Reed for hinting at retirement for the third year in a row, even though everyone knows he’s going to play.

Look, if Ballhawk is actually dealing with neck issues, I feel for the guy. But if you want to retire, then retire already. Stop making a huge production every year about what a wrenching decision it is and make up your goddamn mind. Not to mention, it’s a total tease to Ravens haters. C’MON! HURRY UP AND WEAKEN THEM SIGNIFICANTLY! This is the kind of thing that engenders Brett Favre comparisons (that and dick pics, natch). There’s only so much goodwill to be manufactured by handing out gloves to fans in front of Peter King.

Some have suggested it’s just a ploy for a new contract. And why not? What better way to get a new deal than to talk about how injured you are all of the time? SO SHUT ED REED AND FOR GOD’S SAKE QUIT LOOKING HOMELESS.

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