Self Pop Tart Is Here To Shame The Internet’s Self-Portrait Takers

11.23.11 3 Comments

Everyone knows by now that one of the worst scourges to ever hit the internet is the mirror self-portrait, that cheesy, all-too-familiar vanity shot destined to be Myspace’s lasting legacy long after it’s discovered that Myspace Tom has dead hookers buried in his backyard. All of us should revel in any opportunity to mock and ridicule such sins against the photography gods.

Which is why I’m positively giddy today about Self Pop Tart, the new Tumblr whose anonymous overlord simply requests that readers submit “ridiculous self portraits” so that the cameras and phones in the pics can be Photoshopped out and replaced by pop tarts. It’s simple and silly yet deviously brilliant at the same time. After the jump I’ve compiled a mini-gallery of my early favorites. Enjoy.

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