Since Kendall Jenner Is An Important Model Now, You May Refer To Her As Simply ‘Kendall’

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09.02.14 13 Comments
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There are only maybe a handful of supermodels over the years who have been able to get away with using one name: Gisele. Twiggy. Iman. Now you can add “Kendall” to that list because 18-year-old Kendall Jenner is dropping her last name. You see, Kendall is a Very Important Model now, and therefore no longer professionally associates with the family of parasites that essentially put her in the public eye to begin with and are therefore responsible for her having a modeling career at all.

The 18-year-old reality star will go by “Kendall” for all of her modeling work. Jenner’s agency, The Society Management, already has her headshot labeled under the mononym.

“Everyone’s making that such a big deal and I’ve actually been going by Kendall since last season,” Jenner told E! News

You know, Kim Kardashain takes a lot of credit for being the biggest a-hole of the Karadashian-Jenner faction, but at just the tender age of eighteen, Kendall Jenner is poised to eclipse the entire lot of them. Between blowing the name of the very band she was supposed to be introducing at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year, throwing money in a waitresses face (then threatening to sue her) and now, being too important to have a last name while still a teenager — she has all of the makings of a total megalomaniac. It’s terrifying to think that Kim Kardashian might not be the worst thing Kris Jenner has unleashed upon the world.

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