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05.11.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

The Vikings are getting their new $975 million stadium. With inevitable cost overruns, that billion dollar mark shouldn’t be too difficult to eclipse. Just a few late upgrades to luxury suites should take care of it. Of course, the city and state are getting fleeced on the deal, as all local and state governments tend to in these situations, so I was just about ready to feel bad for some Minnesotans until I saw this photo from a pro-stadium fan protest with a sign claiming that the Vikes were Favre’s last mistress, and so should be preserved for the sake of history. Worst justification of existence ever.

Meanwhile, Florio, sensing another trolling opportunity, decreed that the Rams are now the official Franchise In Danger of Relocation, with his Vikings being safely secured in Minny once more. The underlying idea works for me. L.A. should have a chance to lose both of its franchises twice. Al Davis would’ve been down for another 12-year Raiders displacement.

– Brandon Marshall says even Jerry Rice wouldn’t have been able to succeed with the Dolphins. If all 16 Brandon Marshall personalities couldn’t make a go of it, what makes us think just one Jerry Rice could?

– Factory of Sadness defensive tackle Phil Taylor has reportedly tore his left pectoral muscle, which could cost him the entire 2012 season. That’s unfortunate, but at least it gives him more time to troll racist dickheads on airplanes.

– The Redskins new alternate unis are a bit Boston College-y. Appropriate, as the ‘Skins might just be good enough this year to finish third in the ACC.

– After it was reported yesterday that the Jets were still in the running to be on “Hard Knocks” again, now word has come down that the Jets have been ruled out for the second or third time this off-season. Christ, this isn’t the lockout, HBO. Just figure it out, already.

– Don’t mind me, just gonna be sitting here screeching “IT’S A F*CKING ALL-STAR GAME!” for the rest of the day.

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