SL Jones x DJ Burn One – “DARE” Video

04.24.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

If you passed by SL Jones in the street, you wouldn’t think much of the baby-faced MC. But, for as unsuspecting as he looks, this Little Rock-born, Atlanta transplant is chin-deep in the thick of an underworld most fans can’t even comprehend, which is what makes this new video for “DARE” so intriguing. The first look at his upcoming EP-turned-mixtape Paraphernalia with DJ Burn One, this guitar-wailing introspective into Jonesy’s mindset explains why this new release will be the third in less than a year. Basically, if he doesn’t succeed in hip-hip, the trap could very easily leave him asphyxiated, like it has to many of his peers already.

Considering the quality here, we think he’ll have no problem making it out unscathed.

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