#SmackCam Is The Worst Thing To Happen To The Internet Since The Last Terrible Teen Craze

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07.27.13 14 Comments


It’s well established that teens are the worst. Whether they’re licking eyeballs, not closing their cellphones on airplanes, or snorting condoms, THE WORST. Add this to their Justin Bieber sticker-covered portfolio of terribleness: according to Jezebel, the latest trend is Smack Cam, in which “people (typically douchey bros or bitchy mean girls) smack unsuspecting victims and then post their stinging faces and shocked screams on Vine.”

Here’s the “founder” of the movement on the game’s origins:

“My cousin gave me the idea about smacking people for Vine, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it…Evidently I ended up smacking people and it became a huge hit. I held a Smack Cam competition about two weeks ago and I got over hundreds of posts. That’s when I really realized how big it became.” (Via)

Look, I love making unsuspecting strangers cry as much as the next guy, but have some dignity, people: play the Circle Game. It’s so much more refined.

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