Snoop Dogg Changes Name, “Reincarnated” Into A Lion

08.01.12 5 years ago 41 Comments

Time to manually update that iTunes library. Snoop Dogg, finding guidance in a Rastafarian church, has officially changed his stage name to “Snoop Lion,” a decision came in the midst of an eye-opening trek through Jamaica. His official press conference, which can be seen below, is chock-full of loopy quotables (he goes so far as to call himself “Bob Marley reincarnated”), but all you really need to know is the first-hand account of the name change:

“I didn’t know that until I went to the temple, where the High Priest asked me what my name was, and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg.’ And he looked me in my eyes and said, ‘No more. You are the light; you are the lion.’ From that moment on, it’s like I had started to understand why I was there.”

On top of that, it looks like he’ll be abandoning his Hip-Hop roots for a more reggae-centric approach. Those pining for a taste can sample “La La La,” the lead single off of his upcoming Reincarnated album. On first spin, Snoop’s crossover attempt doesn’t come close to Weezy-Rebirth-bad, but people with a taste for reggae would be best served elsewhere. That’s ultimately to be expected from a guy who was palling around with Wiz Khalifa only a few months ago. The only question that remains to be answered is Snoop’s new career path genuine, a cry for attention or the byproduct of one too many paper planes?

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