South Florida Girl Pulls A Lindsay Lohan, Gets 30 Days In Jail For Giving A Judge The Finger

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02.05.13 5 Comments

Back in 2010, during one of her court appearances that I’ve since lost count of, Lindsay Lohan caused a media stir when it was reported that she gave the judge the finger in an incredibly subtle manner. Basically, the tye-dyed nail polish on her middle finger had a message for the court’s response to her alleged violation of probation: “F*ck U.” The reason I bring that up today is because, while incredibly asinine, childish and deserving of additional punishment, it was at least creative. Stupid as hell, but creative.

That’s why it shouldn’t have surprised 18-year old Penelope Soto, who was in court on drug possession charges, when Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat tossed her butt in jail for 30 days because she blatantly flipped him the bird after she didn’t like his decision to double her fine to $10,000. Oh no he didn’t!

Penelope Soto, 18, who was arrested for drug possession, learned that Monday, when she irritated the judge with her insouciant attitude — flipping her hair, laughing derisively, dodging questions. Miffed, the judge slapped Soto with a $5,000 fine and bid her “bye-bye.” Soto laughed and responded, “Adios,” so he upped her fine to $10,000. “Are you serious?” the teen asked. “I am serious. Adios,” said the judge. Soto gave him the finger, at which point he sentenced her to 30 days in jail for contempt of court. (Via MSN)

Boom, that’s how it’s done, Judge Rodriguez-Chomat! Looks like someone’s trying to get himself a TV deal. We’ll call it Jorge or the Highway, and every episode will deal with sassy, spoiled South Florida teenagers trying to flip him the bird in the most subtle ways possible. If he catches them, they go to maximum security prison for 30 days. If they get away with it, they get a month’s paid vacation.

Spoiler alert: The vacation is prison.

Oh, and I should add…

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