Your Future Favorite Politician Is Running For Student Council As ‘Soviet Bear’

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05.07.14 16 Comments
soviet bear


In fourth grade, I ran for student council as class treasurer. In the run-up to the election, which I recall involving no actual vote because I was the only one running (as the token Jew, the rest of my classmates knew I was perfect for the gig), I asked a friend to help me design posters to put up in our school’s hallways. He was a talented artist with perfect handwriting; I was a shaky monster who spelled his wrong name, and rather than starting over on a new sheet of paper, I crossed out my mistake and kept writing.

So I have the utmost respect for whoever Soviet Bear is.

My school is starting to vote for student council, so everyone who is running has been putting up posters. Someone decided to run as Soviet Bear. (Via)

In Soviet Russia, student council runs YOU. Also, politicians are bears.

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