St. Petersburg Tops List As America’s Saddest City

11.30.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

Don’t let the postcards fool you. St. Petersburg, Florida may seem like a smiley, happy place, given that the the weather is sunny and nice. But there are dark clouds hovering over the city as they’ve managed to top Men’s Health list of America’s 100 saddest cities. The popular men’s magazine came up with the list by calculating suicide rates (CDC) and unemployment rates taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of June 2011. Then they used some e-contraption called SimplyMap to calculate the percentage of households that use antidepressants or the number of people reporting to feel the blues. Unfortunately for St. Pete residents, they’ll have to travel a bit in order to find happiness since Tampa, Miami and Jacksonsville all ranked within the top twelve.

100. St. Petersburg, FL F
99. Detroit, MI F
98. Memphis, TN F
97. Tampa, FL F
96. Louisville, KY F
95. St. Louis, MO F
94. Birmingham, AL F
93. Miami, FL F
92. Reno, NV F
91. Las Vegas, NV F

See the full list of “100 Saddest Cities” at Men’s Health.

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