“Star Trek 2” Coming May 2013, in 3D?

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So, are we getting a 3D Star Trek movie in 2013?


If we sound a little skeptical of this news, that’s because it’s an exclusive from the Perez Hilton of the movie industry, Nikki Finke. We don’t doubt that since Roland Emmerich was told his next movie “Singularity” sucked even by his standards and got the date pushed back to fix it that Paramount jumped all over the date, because movie studios love claiming release dates and then turning out movies around them. And we’re also pretty sure that the next “Star Trek” will be shot in 3D, not because J.J. Abrams’ directorial style demands it, but because they can charge an extra five bucks a ticket.

Still, major roles have not been cast and Abrams has been a bit…glacial about this franchise, so we’ll believe 2013 when we see some posters.

[ via Deadline ]

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