Stevie Johnson Now Using His Droppiness For Jokes

04.17.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Stevie Johnson is known for a few high-profile drops in the last few years, but I guess he wants to reclaim his propensity for butterfingery as a positive thing, or possibly he’s just being ZOOPER ZANY. Either way, he recorded himself walking around a Buy Buy Baby dropping an infant doll on the ground to freak out nearby shopping mothers. Haha, stupid mothers with their empathy and concern. Take that!

Stevie calls it a “Why So Serious” moment because, well, Stevie just likes to pretend that he’s The Joker sometimes. With that kind of bent for mayhem and trolling, it’s no wonder 5Chan decided to lock him down with a long-term deal a little while back.

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