Stupid Americans Enjoy A “Topless Pool Party”

07.06.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Here’s everything we can share with you about Stupid Americans, which essentially means we’re going to cut and paste a portion of the press release. We know that “Stupid Americans, the brainchild of Ras Kass, is a cross-genre group providing an outlet for innovative new music from established artists as well as newcomers to the industry.” Also, they’ve billed the track “Topless Pool Party” as the “smash hit of the summer.”

I’ll say this much: I’ve watched the video three times but by the 30 second mark my mind really drifts and my eyes dominate my ears in a battle of attention for the senses. As the title alludes, there are boobies in the video. Not a gratuitous amount but enough in all shapes and sizes to make any day better. NSFW unless your work security at a nudist colony. If wanted, the song’s mp3 can be downloaded here. The best bet is to snag it because you, like me, probably won’t even hear it while watching the video.

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