Sugarfoot also excelled in ass-kicking contests

11.20.08 9 years ago 17 Comments

Now that Ufford has taken us on a tour of the depressing underbelly of America, let’s look at something a little more uplifting. Carl “Sugarfoot” Joseph, despite losing his left leg, was an outstanding high school athlete in Florida during the late 1970’s. Check out this video, he’s like a one-legged Charles Jefferson.

Here we see him laying a horse-collar tackle that would make Roy Williams blush. Oh yeah, and he could dunk too. Today he is a teacher, coach and lead singer for a gospel group. I can’t help but wonder if he ever sings anything a little more secular.

According to the video, he also won the “Hustler Award”. I’ve never heard of that honor, but it’s not surprising that Larry Flynt would have a soft spot for other physically-challenged achievers. Seriously, this story is ten kinds of inspirational. Get up off your lazy ass and do something positive with your two good legs today, you lazy hump.

[ thanks to reader Jeff Meyers for the tip ]

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