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Dan Woolley, an aid worker for Compassion International, was buried under the rubble of the Hotel Montana during the earthquake in Haiti.  He used the light from his iPhone to help him find an air source, taking photographs along the way and viewing the screen closely to help him discern his surroundings (he is nearsighted and wasn’t wearing his glasses).  Then, upon reaching an elevator shaft providing oxygen, he looked up an app called “Pocket First Aid & CPR” from Jive Media to help him treat the excessive bleeding from his head and leg.

Concerned he might have been experiencing shock, Woolley used the app to look up what to do. It warned him not to sleep. So he set his phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes.  Once the battery got down to less than 20 percent of its power, Woolley turned it off. By then, he says, he had trained his body not to sleep for long periods, drifting off only to wake up within minutes. [CNN]

He also kept a journal to leave messages to his wife and two kids in case he didn’t make it.  But he did make it out alive, unlike I would have after burning through the battery playing Peggle and filling a journal with drawings of cats, all of them with thought bubbles reading “Haiti sucks”.  At least I still have better survival instincts than this guy.

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