T.O. About To Get Lectured By Dr. Phil

04.19.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Indoor Football League star Terrell Owens is scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil in a few weeks. Is it because T.O. is a compelling figure with a redemption story worth sharing with stay-at-home moms and the unemployed? Nope, it’s for the usual daytime TV human despair reasons, namely deadbeat dad issues.

Per Larry Brown Sports:

The episode, which we’re told will air on May 1, will allow the receiver to discuss several matters with the mothers of his children. We’re also told three of the four mothers will appear on the show.

Owens has been embroiled in missing child support claims for some time, most recently with Melaine Paide Smith, who at last count was seeking $20,000 in unpaid monthly payments from December to March. Owens has been sued by three of the four mothers of his kids. Whether those will be the same three who will appear with him on Dr. Phil hasn’t been confirmed, I’m just gonna ahead and assume they will be. Is it a testament to Antonio Cromartie that he didn’t knock up women with their sh*t together like T.O. did? Or has he spread his seed so far there’s no way you could logistically get them all in the same place, anyway.

Kinda sad this didn’t end up being on “Maury”, but I guess that show’s better with paternity suits and that’s not really the case here. Either way, it’s safe to figure that Dr. Phil is good for getting one teary promise to improve out of T.O., to be followed minutes later by shirtless grinding on an audience member and sit-ups in the aisles.

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