Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us There Were T-Rex Fights At Burning Man?

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The UFC is for babies, brah. The only combat sport that truly matters is T-rex fighting and we won’t hear a word to the contrary. (Please ignore this stance when we start our UFC Fight Night coverage this evening.)

According to Sploid, the prehistoric smackdown you see at the top of the page went down at the always divisive bit of Silicon Valley nip known as Burning Man. Operating inside of their own Thunderdome, it’s T-rex versus T-rex in what appears to be drug fueled fantasy of someone that passed out playing Primal Rage on their Sega Genesis. Did we mention these noble dinosaur warriors are armed with bats and attacking each other to the sounds of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room?” That’s worth jotting down somewhere if you’re ever in the market to make billions off ’90s kids.

Come for the prehistoric carnage, stay for the endearingly goofy bits where you see both Tyrannosaurus battlers flailing around like a pair of unruly kids on a climbing wall. No messy cloning, either! If you’re in the mood for more of the sights of Burning Man, why not stroll through our roundup of the best images to come out of this year’s shindig?

(Via Sploid & Geekologie)

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