Take Me Out To The Whatever I Don’t Care

07.15.12 6 years ago 51 Comments

Jay Cutler was the Cubs’ special guest to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on Saturday. You have to hand it to Cutty; he really Jay Cutlers the sh*t out of this song. I feel like even if he mumbled this in his sleep, it wouldn’t be as lackadaisical. That’s true commitment to not caring. With some performers, their lack of energy doesn’t translate to the live show, but with Cutler the raw power of no f*cks being given is palpable. There have been far too many horrendous celebrity renditions at Wrigley to even bother getting into or trying to determine which is the definitive worst, but this is most assuredly the most Jay Cutler version there ever will be.

[Video via SportsGrid]

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