“808s & Sax Breaks…”

12.23.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

Anyone who interacts with me knows I’m adamant with my opinions seeing that they’re fairly well thought out before I go in for a debate. So when I say Terrace Martin’s Locke High Gangsta Grillz is the best one DJ Drama ever “aphilliated” himself with (get it here), understand it isn’t some blind sweeping comment brandished for the sake of expelling carbon monoxide. Whereas most GG’s feature the artists aggressively (and most times aimlessly) attacking tracks with the intent to be the flashiest in the room, Locke High… was essentially an album; Snoop Dogg using his celebrity to get a close co’d a higher platform to display his talents. The mixtape, revealed the young virtuoso to be amongst the best in the west that side of Dr. Dre & DJ Quik. Of course, the hype train hasn’t stamped his ticket yet, so the grind continues.

For his next trick, Terrace revisits Kanye’s loved/hated 808s & Heartbreaks. While there’s already been few tributes to said album already, T. Mart (and producer Kannoby) distinct themselves from the pack with a proficient level of musicianship. Saxophone on his side like Thelonious Monk, watch above as Terrace Martin adds his touches on an album where if nothing else, sported golden melodies.

For only $2.99, cop 808s & Heartbreaks with a portion of the proceeds going to the Locke High School Music Program. Save the music…and of course Kanyeezy needs his cut too.

Download — Terrace Martin – 808s & Sax Breaks

As an additional stocking stuffer, TM & J. Black decide to bring you a little bit of holiday cheer.


Download — Terrace Martin & J. Black – “It’s Christmas”

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