The 20 Finest #KutcherTweets

11.10.11 6 years ago

Earlier Cajun Boy thoroughly examined the all-encompassing idiocy/hypocrisy/obliviousness that was Ashton Kutcher’s Joe Paterno firing reaction tweet so I’m going to skip ahead to the part where the world’s least talented handsome hobo actor gets mercilessly ridiculed by the internet for being such a hopeless dummy. Our very own Drew Magary kickstarted things — as he is wont to do — with an inspired hashtag that practically made the comedy too easy.
And once the concept was in front of people with the appropriate chops the good times began to flow. You can check out all the entries here, but be warned: many Twitter users are unfunny and hashtags don’t discriminate. That’s why I compiled the twenty best #KutcherTweets for easy consumption. If you’re still in the mood to laugh at hopeless dummies after this I can’t encourage checking out With Leather’s Penn State riot collection enough.
UPDATE: Kutcher Quits Twitter

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