Coming Attractions: The 3rd Annual NOLA Summer Jam

06.21.12 6 years ago

Two years ago, I attended the first ever NOLA Summer Jam. There I saw some guy with dreads hit the stage and perform a song that hooked me. It was Dee-1 performing “Jay, 50 and Weezy.” Since then, I’ve always been impressed by the talent that touches the Summer Jam stage. This year boasts a lineup as good as any I’ve seen with acts like Keedy Black, Monsta Beatz, Paasky, LG and Stalley rounding out the offerings.

Enough from me, let’s let Team NOLA tell it:

NOLA Summer Jam brings the Louisiana region together to showcase our wealth of cultures through dance performances, music concerts, as well as arts and crafts exhibits. We also produce a fashion show that showcases select fashion designers throughout New Orleans and the country. Our organization contributes to the local youth by providing internship and mentorship opportunities throughout the festival. NOLA Summer Jam proudly donates a percentage of the proceeds to organizations designed to uplift our youth such as NFL YET, Boys and Girls Club, and Mission Agape.

We want Peace 4 Nola!!!

Needless to say, I’ll be there decked out and ready to enjoy the future of New Orleans. Hit me up and bring daiquiris for the good times.

Visit for the the full slate of events and artists and peep the flyer below.

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