The Big Lebowski House And 6 Other On The Market Film & TV Homes You’re Too Poor To Buy

07.26.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

The internet is abuzz today with the news that any one of us with $2.3 Million laying around could purchase the compound of cottages from The Big Lebowski and live out the rest of our days renting them out to stoners while searching out the perfect venue. Full realtor breakdown at Bulldog Realtors, who I can only assume are better house trained than Woo.
The news got me thinking to about where else I could possibly live if I had unlimited resources, zero responsibilities, and the desire to to tell people, “You know this is where they filmed (insert Coen Brothers’ movie

). Maude’s loft? Larry Sellers’ house? Something in Jesus’s door-to-door neighborhood?
I hate to break it to you but there’s nothing else Coen Brother-related out there, but there are a few other interesting movie and TV homes currently on the market (as far as I can tell). I’m happy to share in the following slideshow, in descending order of coolness (hint: the drop is precipitous). Feel free to insert “ties the room” together lines where you feel necessary.
Source: LA Weekly

Location: Highland Park, IL. Asking Price: $1.65 Million. Cars and 19 year-old Mia Sara not included.
Location: Honolulu. Asking Price: $3.5 Million. My guess is a Lost geek would have gobbled this up by now if it wasn’t cursed by the numbers.
Location: Los Angeles. Asking Price: $13.9 Million. Diamonds are Forever (aka a Sean Connery Bond movie) shot here along with multiple Playboy shoots.

Location: Bel Air. Asking Price: $17.5 Million. OK, as far as I can tell nothing commercial has ever been filmed here but participating in a closing with Nic Cage is something you can’t put a price tag on.

Location: Encino, CA. Asking Price: $5.5 Million. I gave up on Entourage after three seasons but I can only imagine the interior is not as big as it seemed thanks to the show’s dwarf casting policy.


Location: Philadelphia. Asking Price: $1.25 Million. If you’re looking to live just outside Philly in a place where dogs die, boy to we have a deal for you!


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