Watch Three New “Bourne Legacy” TV Spots

07.10.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Many Bourne fans stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the initial preview for The Bourne Legacy. On one hand, it’s another Bourne movie, but on the other, people were wildly conflicted (like myself) when they found out that Matt Damon will not be returning as Jason Bourne. Another installment of the Bourne series, without Bourne? The mere notion seems almost as blasphemous as what Treadstone did to its agents.

Billed as more of a spin-off rather than another chapter, Legacy has Jeremy Renner starring as Aaron Cross, with the tagline, “There was never just one” evidently showing an additional point of view from a different agent. These three previews spliced together as seamlessly as the action scenes in the other Bourne movies follow along the lines of what its predecessors have been known for: blink-and-you-might-miss-something action scenes, a well-established cast, and an intricate storyline.

Will you be seeing The Bourne Legacy despite Jason Bourne not appearing in the movie?


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