‘Confession Bear’ Meme Murderer May Have Been Found

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04.11.13 5 Comments

Last weekend, we told you about the man who “confessed” to murder using the Confession Bear meme on Reddit and then deleted his information, though not before eagle-eyed Redditors took screencaps of his profile. Turns out, according to Gawker, the alleged murderer goes by “Naratto” and he added a follow-up post, writing, “I made a meme about something and it was turned into people revealing my PERSONAL INFORMATION. It was quite rude and VERY uncalled for.” He also admits there’s “some truth” behind the whole “I killed someone” thing.

And the “PERSONAL INFORMATION” the Redditors found includes:

He’s a 24-year-old male with ties to San Diego, California.
His middle name is Ryder
His birthdate is 2/11/89.
He has an older sister who is approximately 29 years old.
He’s a former US Navy Fire Controlman 2nd Class.
In 2008 he worked construction on a house on top of a hill at 4985 Mt. Helix Dr. in El Cajon, CA, driving a hydraulic skid-steer.
Used to own a snake named Kitty.
Claims to be bipolar.
Favorite Movie: Rampage (Probably the 2009 film).
Favorite Song: “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.”
His favorite sandwich at Mama’s Grill in Clairemont, San Diego is called the Outlaw.

The real victim here: bears, who have to be involved with this mess us humans made.

(Via Gawker)

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