The Cool Kids That’s Stupid! Mixtape

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The Cool Kids That's Stupid! Album Cover

They was doin work, I was sleep @ my desk
Yes, how many zzz’s can he catch
Dressed, like he was ready for recess
Yes, the same Jordans and the Starter
That I had when I was five
Got’em back in my size…”

We’ve listened ad nasuem to all the talking heads try to attach labels to The Cool Kids and describing their music as a mock attempt @ bringin’ ’88 back, etc.

I think it’s safe to say that Mikey & Chuck are officially in their zone. Whether we as listeners choose to join them is a matter left up to us.

From the first track, “Oscar The Grouch” and throughout this tape, there’s a heavy sound & musical influences like Sir Mix-A-Lot, Run DMC, Too Short, The Beasties and Eric B. & Rakim. It is a bass heavy, 808 sound that is highly reminiscent of the late 80’s. Considering that most of these names mentioned created quality music in their own heyday, it makes sense that TCK would draw inspiration from them. But what’s greater is the fact that, in this time of Vocoder obsession & maxed out remixes, isn’t it good that somebody remembered Kid Sensation, Mix-A-Lot’s Swass & “Rock Box” and thought enough to allow those influences shine through in their music? The same things that made those types “good” to listen to then are same things that make TCK “good” now — there’s no complexity, no conjured up images or agendas. It’s just entertaining, trunk-friendly beats topped with “this is my daily operation” content within the lyrics.

I said it the other day – I still involuntarily cue up The Bake Sale EP on my daily drive on at least four out of the seven days of the week. At this point, it looks as if I’ll be extending my “TCK” iPod playlist to include That’s Stupid! And I’ll listen knowing that there’s verbal irony leaking from the mixtape’s title.

The Cool Kids That’s Stupid! Mixtape (Hosted by LA’s Power 106’s Mondo Fresh)

Free Download with special instructions from the group posted on their Myspace blog

“1. Play this in your car first!

2. Don’t skip.. it’s only 25 minutes.. (shit is Epic)”

For more info, visit and

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