The Creepiest Justin Bieber Fan Video Ever Is Like A Scene Straight Out Of ‘Misery’

06.07.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

I guess Justin Bieber — who’s soon going to star in a Mark Wahlberg-produced basketball movie, apparently — has some contest where he asks his fans to perform, according to the New York Times, “versions of a new song, ‘Boyfriend,’ with lyrics they rewrite to change the song to “Girlfriend,’” which is also the name of his fragrance. (It smells like hair products with a hint of menstruation teen spirit.) The best clips will be used in a commercial that will air during an upcoming, ugh, NBC special. Typing in “JB fanvideo boyfriend” is like Patrick Wilson-in-Hard Candy’s dream: teen girl after teen girl dedicating their love to the Original Swaggy Bro.

Except for one girl, the one with the empty eyes you see above. In a move that can only be described as “awesome,” she made her version of “Girlfriend” creepy as f*ck. The song itself already has a lurking beat, but when Krazee Eyez Killa, as we’re calling her, keeps rapping, “I will be your girlfriend, I will be your girlfriend…” you get a stalker-y, Misery vibe (she even kind of looks like Annie Wilkes).

I’m all for trolling the Biebs and spoofing his insane fans, so I hope this makes it into the ad. Plus, as many a-Redditor has noted, she has nice teeth. Dental hygiene’s a big plus.

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