The Eagles Aren’t Technically Eliminated, But Yeah, They’re Done

12.20.14 3 years ago 30 Comments



It’s not official but after losing to the Redskins, the Eagles would need the Cowboys to lose their last two games while the Philly wins in Week 17 to take the NFC East division title, their only available route to the postseason. I’ll be sure to apologize in the off chance that happens but I wouldn’t hold my breath (I don’t hold my breath for any sports result, fwiw).

DeSean Jackson had 126 yards receiving on four receptions, meaning he was the deep threat that kept the rest of the Eagles defense honest. It also means Bradley Fletcher is still really bad. The Eagles might have wanted to get rid of DeSean not matter what after last season, but it’s still sweet revenge after they cut him loose basically on the loose suspicion that he’s in a gang.

The Lions clinched a playoff appearance with the Eagles loss, so it was a doubly joyous night for downtrodden franchises.

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