The FCC Will Let David Ortiz Be

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04.21.13 6 Comments

Yesterday, as so many of us asked the people of Boston and especially those at Fenway Park for an encore of that incredible National Anthem from Wednesday night, the Boston Red Sox and the 35,152 fans in attendance delivered above and beyond. Not only did the Sox win 4-3 thanks to a 3-run home run by Daniel Nava, and not only did they have a pre-game tribute that still has my geese bumped, and not only did they belt out another powerful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, but David Ortiz also took the microphone before the game began to issue a very strong statement to everyone watching – “This is our f*cking city.”

Ortiz also thanked the people who led the response to Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon and Friday’s capture of the second suspect, but many people seem to be focused on Big Papi’s big F-word. So if anyone was wondering if the FCC was going to crack down on Ortiz, the Red Sox, NESN or the additional radio networks that may have aired it, the answer seems to be, “F*ck no.”

I look forward to the first time that someone uses the “But David Ortiz did it!” excuse when facing a fine from the FCC.

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