The Guys Behind ‘Darksiders II’ Want You To Shut Up About Zelda And God of War. Also, Here’s A New Darksiders II Trailer

07.26.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Hey, looking for a game to get you through the slow summer months? Well Darksiders II is coming out in less than a month, and it’s looking pretty darn good. Just don’t go comparing the game to Zelda or God of War — the Darksiders guys are getting tired of that. Here’s what Darksiders II developer Haydn Dalton has to say about the comparisons

“Well, the word ‘derivative’ is always used in the article. If anyone says it’s like the games that you talked about, of course, we see that as a compliment. But it’s a curse as well because they see it as, like, you haven’t really done anything to earn that.

We seem like we’ve done it right but we still get a little bit whipped for it. We’re trying to do something that we think is fun in a genre that I think is dying now. It’s hard to do and it costs a lot of money and we’re still trying to keep the idea of that action-adventure genre going. It feels a little hurtful sometimes when people are hurting us for doing that.”

Poor Darksiders guys — make them feel better by watching their new Darksiders II trailer after the jump…


I have to say, I like the bits of color and cartoony style they’ve managed to slip into the usual grey and brown triple-A template. Darksiders II hits August 14th.

via Lazygamer & Videogamer

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